Q: How far in advance should we book our Hard At Play DJ?

Q: How long has Hard At Play been in business?

Q: How far will you travel?

Q: What is the value of investing in Hard At Play's services?

Q: Why do you cost more than the disc jockey companies?

Q: Why is pricing so important?

Q: Does Hard At Play provide a written contract?

Q: As a professional business, is Hard At Play fully insured?

Q: Which Hard At Play Disc Jockey will be at our event?

Q: Will we be able to talk about our plans with our Hard At Play DJ prior to our event?

Q: Will our Hard At Play Disc Jockey dress appropriately for our event?

Q: Can we come see our Hard At Play Disc Jockey perform?

Q: Will our Hard At Play Disc Jockey interact with our guests?

Q: How much does Hard At Play help to coordinate the event?

Q: What time will Hard At Play arrive to set up for my event?

Q: Do you charge for set-up and break-down time?

Q: Does Hard At Play have a variety of music?

Q: What kind of music do you play?

Q: Is your music clean?

Q: Will our Hard At Play Disc Jockey take requests?

Q: What if Hard At Play doesn't have a song we want?

Q: Will our Hard At Play Disc Jockey honor our "No Play" list?

Q: Does Hard At Play furnish us with helpful wedding planning materials?

Q: Can Hard At Play provide music for our wedding ceremony?

Q: What type of equipment does Hard At Play use?

Q: Is Hard At Play able to provide our event with remote broadcast technology?

Q: Can you provide lighting effects?

Q: Will Hard At Play bring a large self-promoting sign?

Q: Do you have backup personnel readily available?

Q: Is tipping or a gratuity expected from your DJ?

Q: What is your payment schedule and what forms of payment does Hard At Play accept?


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